Is Any Business Insulated From Tech Innovation?

CES is going on in Vegas and all the toys are coming out to play.  It used to be a show for hard core techies.  Now it’s more of a whiz bang wow show for everyone.  I have never been to it.  Two companies I am invested in are there.

NuCurrent just announced a new form of electrical connector that they have developed.  They actually replace electrical connectors inside of components with ultra small wireless modules.  This new category of cost-sensitive power and sense products delivers solutions to real issues for applications such as portable medical, IOT sensors, robotics, lighting and security. How cool is that?

UICO is there too.  More than a million devices use UICO’s DuraTouch system. It’s really amazing.  When I use touch screens now that don’t have the same firepower UICO’s do, I wonder about what is going on inside the company.  Having cutting edge tech that works reflects back on your brand.  Tech doesn’t have to be developed in house, but as a company you have to create the culture so new tech can be adopted.

What about traditionally non-tech related companies?  Are they insulated from tech?  I think you could make a case that they were in the past, but I don’t think you can make that case anymore.  Tech is too prevalent.  It’s infiltrated everything.  Staples is in a fight for its life and sent a huge group to CES this year.  They are on their way to becoming the next Sears or Macy’s.

Labor costs are driving all kinds of innovation.  The “fight for $15” is a political movement that I think should run out of gas.  Check out this super automated Japanese sushi restaurant.  This isn’t isolated.  There are 300 of them in Japan.