A New Blog For the Under Represented in Tech

Learned about a new blog, Citizen N Four,  that is going to talk about the problem of under represented people in tech.  It’s a problem that has been floating through the tech community in different ways.  Here is a link to the blog.  It’s being done by students from the University of Illinois in Champaign, home of one of the top engineering and business schools in the US.  They sent me some questions and I will answer them on that blog.

The problems in tech diversity aren’t just about skin color or gender.  There are many many facets to it that go much deeper than that.  For example, when it comes to women in tech, is there any correlation to the lack of involvement of women and child bearing?  Does that have any effect?  I wrote a post about Women In Tech awhile ago.   I would strongly encourage anyone interested in this particular topic to read and watch the video at this link.  Economist Marianne Bertrand and Professor Waverly Deutsch talk candidly about it.

What about risk taking appetite?  Many people go to college, get a degree in a high demand field like engineering and can get a secure job working for a major corporation.  Perhaps they don’t want to take the risk to work in a startup.


I think it’s good to have a conversation around this topic.  What I dislike is social engineers that force me to have an opinion one way.  That leads to more discrimination which isn’t good for anyone.  As Gary Becker showed using math, it costs to discriminate.  I’d like to see diversity studied by free market economists as Marianne Bertrand has done-not by people with a preset agenda.

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