Happy New Year

People love to make predictions and resolutions at the turn of the year.  I was never much for that. But, this year there are some things I want to change and it’s going to involve conscious effort on my part. What are your resolutions, hopes, dreams for 2017?

I do need to get in better physical shape so there is that. I used to ride my bike a lot and because it’s sort of a pain to get it out of my building I stopped. I need to do that a lot more when the weather turns in 2017.  Prior to that, I just need to be more physically active.

Now that Nextspace River North has fibre internet, I am going to try and spend a lot more time working there.  I visited other Nextspaces last year, and they are really great.

A lot of people are concerned about Trump. If you watch finance, I’d start paying attention to Germany.  Angela Merkel is up for election in October of 2016.  My friend Yra Harris pointed out that there is a bureaucratic war going on between the ECB and the Bundesbank. Because the Euro can’t float, Germany is faced with some difficult economic decisions.  Maybe 2017 is when it finally comes to a head.  We all know that virtually every EU country outside of Germany is unsustainable the way they currently operate fiscally.

I am going to put my phone away this year and try to be on the internet less.  I saw this video by Simon Sinek and thought it was outstanding. Hope you enjoy it too. I have made a conscious effort to keep my phone hidden in the last few days and I like it.

Where I live, it can be really difficult to get around. Traffic is a nightmare. The mayor of Chicago didn’t do anyone any favors with Loop Link. The Loop is a constant traffic snarl.  Prior to Loop Link, it was better.  Basically, government vehicles are parked in through lanes reducing everything to one lane of traffic.  Especially at Wabash and Madison.  That snarl messes up Michigan Avenue.  I am going to make an effort to get around to other parts of the city more. Sometimes, you just hang in your little area.  Chicago is fantastic when you get out in neighborhoods.  Spending some time in them will be a great use of time.  Using Deskpass, I can work out of them.

We had a daughter move to LA, so we will probably make some trips out there (when it’s cold here) to see her. My wife and I love California.  When do the Cubs play the Dodgers?

We also bought a place in Grand Marais, Minnesota last summer.  We are rehabbing it this summer.  I am looking forward to spending some time up there.  It’s not winterized.  Here is the view out my “backyard”.

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It will be highly interesting to watch the Trump Presidency. I don’t have any idea how it will go, but based on his appointments and statements, some things look really hopeful. The devil is always in the details and execution. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t fear for my life or think it’s the end of the country. Democracy spoke.  The transition will be messy because you are dealing with people that have a 180 degree different world view.   I read this article and thought it was highly interesting-especially this statement.

We are now undergoing a Second Reformation during which the relevant question is not whether big government or small government is best, but whether government is in principle better or worse than a decentralized marketplace in which peer-to-peer exchange largely replaces a centralized system for the allocation of scarce resources.

I think blockchain will have a lot to say when it comes to this issue.  I am on the side of taking power from the bureaucracies and politicians and handing it over to people.  I trust people.  When people are free to choose their destiny without jumping through hoops, the entire world is better off.

If you think it got ugly in the Presidential campaign, wait until you get a load of what will happen in my home state of Illinois. Here are 4 ways that Illinois failed to confront reality in 2016. This is a massive problem. We have a strong current of out migration because of really bad public policy. Hint, it’s not our Governor. The only way for Illinois and the city of Chicago to get out of the situation is bankruptcy. The economic issues are starting to meld with the life safety issues. Certain neighborhoods of Chicago are more violent than places in the Middle East. My friends that are police officers tell me the newspapers are hiding the real story. The violence is starting to spread. That’s a real danger to the burgeoning startup community we have here.

My friends at Tastytrade have started a new brokerage agency. Tastyworks. This will be interesting to watch. The fees look very competitive.

I am seeing a lot of people sigh with relief. 2016 can’t get in the rear view mirror fast enough. In typical fashion, David Burge satires them on Twitter.

Hope you have a great 2017 and that you and your family are healthy. I am optimistic about the future. Especially after the Cubs broke through for the first time in 108 years.