What Do You Serve For Holiday Dinners?

One of the cool things about America is how families interpret holidays. My Italian friends put an Italian spin on Thanksgiving. For Christmas when I was growing up Christmas Eve was always spaghetti. We had a crowd and it was easy on my grandma. For Christmas Day, we always had turkey and my grandfather’s dressing.  One year, my grandma made Lutefisk for everyone.  My grandparents on that side were Norwegian.  I recall the smell.  It wasn’t a hit.

Hanukkah started yesterday. Latke photos filled up my Facebook feed.  What else are traditional Hanukkah eats?

No one in my immediate family loves turkey. One of my sisters is allergic to it, so we really don’t eat it anymore. We have switched it up on Christmas.  Turkey isn’t exactly wine friendly either, and we like wine.

A couple of people in my family were campaigning to drive up to Grand Marais this year to “see it in winter”.  I am glad we didn’t go because they are getting a blizzard.  My youngest daughter moves to LA on the 30th too, so it would have felt rushed.

I am glad we stayed in Chicago.  This year we did a prime rib. I used Kenji Lopez Alt’s way of reverse searing it and it was perfect.   This might be a new tradition….

@kenjilopezalt pretty darn perfect. Reverse sear dry aged prime roast

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