What Are the New Norms In FinTech?

Saw this chart from McKinsey and wanted to share it. Fin Tech is changing. Everyone can grasp B2C Fin tech.  Apps for your phone are easy to download and use.  Payments, expense records, checking, savings, and investing have already changed.

There are much larger changes afoot.  But, they are behind the curtain in B2B Fin tech.  I think the entire backbone of finance is going to look radically different in the next 5-10 years as banking and services keep up with changing demand. It’s not just going to be Bitcoin/Blockchain. This revolution is bigger than that. It’s not dissimilar from the capital markets revolution that happened between 1996-2001.

There are a lot of things that go on inside the walls of big institutions that can be commoditized, turned into platforms and repackaged into big businesses.  People are very familiar with the walled gardens in consumer industries. They are less familiar with the walled gardens in business to business finance.  But, there are a lot of them.  Change is coming.