In Person or Online?

We drove back from Detroit today.  My children went to school in the city of Chicago.  Their school and their rival school has a huge networking party the day after Thanksgiving.  They take over a bar and meet up.  It’s an opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances that are in town for the holiday.

It’s also in person.

I certainly appreciate the online social world.  It’s amazing the connectivity you can generate.  But, for me, nothing beats in person meetings when you really want to get a lot done and truly understand what the other person thinks and feels.  Chicago Booth Professor Nick Epley has done a lot of research on virtual vs physical and the findings are interesting.  I wonder if they are generational?

I have invested in platforms that create community and bring people together in different ways.  Dabble is really fun and your friends/family should try it during the holidays.  They have discounts on experiences.  For your company, give Kapow a try.  I have been to Kapow events and watched how they bring teams and customers together effortlessly.  Plus there is a lot of data to help you make decisions that comes out of the interaction.  Deskpass is a different way for companies to give their employees a new experience.  If there is anything the election taught us it’s to get out of our bubbles.  Deskpass enables a company to get employees out of the company bubble.  They bring that interaction back into your workplace and inject it with some new juice from the outside.  Nextspace is also a place that can happen.

I am sure my family will be at Nextspace-River North throughout the holiday season.  We are going to do one or two Dabble classes when we do our 12 Days of Christmas.  We are trying to figure out if we should go somewhere between Christmas and New Years this year.  Any suggestions?