Medici Cities

There is controversy over “Sanctuary Cities”. I dislike identity politics and that is simply more identity politics. If you want to play identity politics, go ahead. But, soon you are going to be run over by a thunderous herd that is sick of it.

I’d rather see cities become “Medici Cities”.

The Medici’s were a very wealthy family that spurred the Renaissance. Without them, there is no Michelangelo. There is no Raphael.  There is no Galileo. They were capitalists and amassed great wealth via banking and trading. The used that great wealth to sponsor all kinds of artists, architects, and scientists.

Today, a lot of Americans are worried about the 1% versus the rest of us. Why don’t we create a way for the 1% to utilize their wealth without using the government to grab it and redistribute it? We know redistribution doesn’t work?

One knock on the Medici empire is that they not only were robust businesspeople, but they also controlled the rungs of power in government.  To a large extent, they also had a lot of influence in the Catholic Church. I am not advocating for that because I detest crony capitalism as much as I detest identity politics.

I came up with the idea of a Medici City. It’s simply an idea that I began thinking about but it seems on point to me. Human society is at the tip of the spear when it comes to a new technological renaissance. Never before have technological forces come together in this way. We can create a techtonic boom and shift that will increase standards of living for everyone.

But, it’s not going to be a government that does it. Government needs to setup the right policies so individual people can make it happen. Then, step back and get out of the way.

  • JLM

    One cannot refer to the Medicis without noting their entanglement with Machiavelli, Noccolo Machiavelli author of The Prince, which he dedicated to the Medici family.

    Here is a good link which discusses it.

    The Medicis are the elites, the establishment, the Clinton Criminal Enterprise and who, dare tell is The Prince?

    Ahh, it is The Donald.

    Excuse me for stretching the analogy beyond all reason. But, of course, Machiavelli was beaten in the end.

    Good day.


  • Some interesting thoughts here. Two comments:
    – redistribution _can_ work. It is failing in many places (especially in Illinois). I would argue due to lack of clear leadership on the issues.
    – I love the idea of the wealthy giving back. Sadly the underlying value for this to occur (noblesse oblige) has largely fallen away.