What Should The World Look Like?

In startups, we often talk about constraints.  Constraints are good because they focus your attention.  The old saw, “you can’t be all things to all people” is true.  If you use the “Sham Wow” approach you will burn through all your capital.  You won’t find product market fit and you will fail.

However, it’s different when you are beginning to solve a problem.

At the iteration of the journey you have to imagine what a perfect world would look like.  This goes for ideation inside corporations and should go for ideation inside governments.  How would the problem be solved and what would the world look like if you were successful and solved the problem?

That removes all constraints.  As you march to the eventual launch of trying to build the solution, you add constraints for focus.  When you actually try to build it, the real world sets in.  That’s when it gets hard.



  • awaldstein

    More and more I realize that government is nothing like a business. The goals are 100% different.

    Important to never forget that.

    • Agree. But, at the same time it’s important to remember it’s run by people-with the same traits as the people that run business. I saw where Mark Suster is boycotting any product made by Trump. What’s great is he has a choice-and can do that. You cannot boycott government. If you do, you get fined, or go to jail. I am very frightened by government overreach in our lives. If I put my liberal hat on, that’s the thing that liberals are panicked about right now. The last 8 years, capitalists have felt similarly.

      • awaldstein

        I guess.

        Though the idea is that government is suppose to be run by us–no?

        I just wrote a long para about how this relates to Trump, my thoughts on racism and those who support him–but decided not to go there.

        Have a great weekend and holiday my friend.

        • you too! It is supposed to be a “government for the people by the people”. I suppose since we have law schools there are several different ways to interpret that. Not a lot of creative destruction when it comes to govt!