This Tweet Says A Lot

I tweeted back that there are a lot of awesome companies being built here in the Midwest. They don’t always look like companies from the coast. One I invested in just made themselves a little more public yesterday, BuildTruss. They are in the commercial real estate space.

Over the past several years, I have traveled all over the Rust Belt. Basically, if you look at a map of the Big 10, I have been there. I have spent time there. Talking to people, vacationing, meeting new people. Lot of potential here. Lots.

5 thoughts on “This Tweet Says A Lot

    1. Dan Gilbert made a huge bet there and I think in the long run it pays off. People like Kyle Bazzy are working hard to energize and support the community. Ann Arbor is nearby, and has a startup community as well.

        1. I spoke at Startup Week. Happy to introduce you to their community. My sister lives up there and I have several close friends there. Don’t need a big excuse to go! Would love to do it in the spring or summer when the Tigers are in town.

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