Riskalyze Announces a Funding

One of the companies I am invested in is Riskalyze.  They announced a new venture funding round today.  FTV Capital invested $20M for a minority stake. Aaron Klein is the CEO.  It’s great news.

Riskalyze is a B2B Fin Tech company.  Their target market is the rapidly growing RIA space.  They empower advisors to build fearless investors.  They have software that helps advisors show prospects they are invested wrong, and prove to clients they are invested right.  Riskalyze is helping RIA’s win clients and keep em.  Riskalyze is exactly the kind of company we are looking to back at West Loop Ventures at seed or Series A.

New fundings at higher valuations are a sign to the outside world that the company is growing.  Among the customer base, it shows the company has stability.  Among new potential customers, it shows that there is something going on that they should be a part of.

If you are invested in the stock market, make sure your personal risk is aligned with your portfolio.  Ask your wealth advisor if they are using Riskalyze.  If they aren’t, send them a link.