A Brilliant Thing Happened In Champaign

Yesterday my wife and I drove down to Champaign.  She was in a sorority, and her friends were getting together.  The Illini were playing Minnesota for Homecoming.

Illinois football has a long way to go before it’s going to be watchable again.  We watched the halftime show.  By the way, I really miss the Chief.  If Illinois decides to ditch the “Fighting Illini” moniker, they should just leave their nickname blank and be nothing.

After the show, I took a friend on a tour of the campus.  He hadn’t really been around the Champaign campus.

We saw a tent for Mathematics alums.  It was being staffed by some current math majors.  I walked over and asked, “Has anyone here heard of Brilliant?”

One female student exclaimed, “Oh my God yes!  My friend and I work on two problems every day at lunch.”   I told her I was a seed investor in Brilliant and was very happy that she was  having fun with it.  I told her to keep at it, because I know of some companies that are hiring off of Brilliant, and colleges are recruiting students off of it.

Brilliant’s momentum is building.  They have millions of users now.  If your child isn’t on it, get them on it.  It’s free and it’s a very cool social network that isn’t mindless pablum and doesn’t have the bullying associated with other ones.  It’s about solving problems together, and that’s pretty brilliant.

Now, if they could just help the Cubs solve the Indians……