New Developments At Dabble

Dabble continues to evolve.  That’s one of the fun things about startups. You invest in one sort of business and then they find out new ways to execute the business. The company recently rolled out a new website.  It makes it super easy to find experiences and learn about things you wish you’d always known.

One of the things I like about Dabble is it creates immediate community.  Right there in the room.  You, present with people that you might have at least one thing in common with.  There is a chance that some serendipity could happen.  But, sometimes you just can’t be physically present.  So, Dabble partnered with Udemy to offer some classes online.

It will be an interesting thing to watch.  We have talked about it for a long time.  It finally became time to do it and the partnership with Udemy was a cultural fit.

Personally, I still like to be physically present.  I am thinking about teaching some classes this winter.  I have to figure out the logistics.  I’d like to teach five classes.  Making Bacon, Limoncello 101, Cherry Bounce 101, Vin D’Orange 101, and Orangecello 101.  The trouble is the finished product takes some finishing steps that would have to be done away from the classroom by the individual.  Maybe there is a way to utilize both platforms and create a broader community?


One thought on “New Developments At Dabble

  1. I agree–I too like being in person; it’s more fun and there’s better accountability. You could teach a 101 class and then a subsequent 201 only for those that took 101 to bring back their finished product!

    Let me know when you’re planning the Making Bacon class, please!

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