Putting On An Event-The Business Blockchain

I don’t put on very many events.  One reason we think they are important is to further develop the Chicago Fin Tech network.  As we continue to raise our fund, we are going to start trying to do more events around business to business fin tech.  It’s not well understood by a lot of people.  We want to make the problems and structures more transparent.  We are doing an event on Monday in Chicago.

It’s The Business Blockchain and if you are able to come you should.  William is a friend of mine and we are lucky to have him in Chicago that day.  We have sold over 170 tickets so far, so it will be pretty lively.  I have decided that the structure of the event will be more about the attendees than anything else.  William will give a short presentation-and then we will open it up for audience Q+A.  It’s really important for me to get audience questions answered-and their creative juices flowing. We think Chicago’s financial community can be leaders in blockchain technology development and implementation which is why we are so excited to do this.  Blockchain is going to be an integral part of future technology.

It’s been very enlightening to me to go through the process.  I can appreciate the headaches that event planners go through.  They have to plan for venue, people, refreshments and all the ancillary things that go around an event.

I wish that I would have been able to use Kapow for this.

If you don’t know about Kapow, you should.  It’s one stop shopping.  Touch a button and your done.  Kapow makes life so easy.  But, the really cool stuff they are building is inside the platform.  If you are hosting something, Kapow provides all kinds of information to you so you can take care of customers and employees better.

One of the things that Kapow has been doing is providing clients with data.  It’s pretty insightful, and gives Kapow clients an edge over competitors that don’t use Kapow.  As a former trader, I know what it’s like to have edge.

Recently, Kapow has gone through a lot of changes.  The two founders I initially backed are no longer in leadership roles with the company.  It took a lot of emotional intelligence for them to take a step back.  Hopefully, they will share their stories at things like The Junto Institute, which teaches people how to manage companies.  The new CEO is perfect to take them to the next level.  He has a shaved head, so it that makes him all the better since Marc is “follicly” challenged as well.  Raman Chadha, who runs the Junto has a shaved head as well so maybe there is an affinity there.

They are expanding to other cities.  Currently, they are in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.  People are starting to get really creative with the way they put events up on the platform.  A true two sided market place based on the principles of Coase has formed.

If your business has stagnated, or sales cycles are longer, maybe it’s time to try some Kapow and punch it up.