Limited Government: Necessary For Growth

There is a small debate going on today over the role of government.  If you are at all interested in it, I’d encourage you to read this piece written by Cliff Asness back in 2009.  At the time, he was writing about socialized medicine which you might know as Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act has been anything but affordable.  In my own state of Illinois, premiums for insurance are skyrocketing and there is less care available.

Politicians from both parties like the current crony capitalistic system.  This is why Jeb Bush had no chance and shouldn’t have even run for the Republican nomination.  GOPe is simply a way to get different entities to the government trough.

If we want economic growth, we have to get rid of the highly meddlesome regulatory state our politicians have created.  If we want to solve problems like income inequality, or raise the standard of living for people, we have to have smaller government and lower taxes.

Here is a quote, but you should read the whole thing.

Lots of politicians understand that the simple free system leaves them out in the cold. No power for them. No committees to sit on to decide people’s lives. No lies to tell their constituents how they (the government) brought them the health care they so desperately need. No fat checks from lobbyists as the crony capitalists pay dearly to make the only profits possible under this system, those bestowed by the government. Libertarians are often accused wrongly of loving “big business,” but we don’t, particularly when corporate executives predictably turn themselves into crony capitalists who try to succeed by wheedling from the government. On the other hand the socialists love cronies of all sorts, ones who command large enterprises all the better. Liberals are far closer than libertarians to building and countenancing the all-powerful corporate state they claim to fear. Odd I know!

That an array of crony capitalists are lining up from Wal-Mart to hospitals to medical insurers (bringing back Harry and Louise – this time for socialism) hoping to cut the best deals for themselves before the iron curtain falls is sad. That they are being lauded by the administration as a sign its health care position is right is simply propaganda. Yep, when someone agrees to pay Al Capone protection, it’s a clear sign Al Capone was right to begin with….

We further see this predicted abuse of power as the health care proposals are already filled with freebies to the President’s friends – including exempting unions from onerous features. Gee, the same unions in whose favor he has re-written the bankruptcy rules and wants to exempt from the most American of ideas, the secret ballot.

I’d love to see this election turn on topics like that-rather than the way it is unfolding.  Anyone from either party that uses their office to put money in their own pocket, or the pockets of their friends is not someone that should be holding office in America.