Robots Won’t Kill Us

I saw this video and thought it was totally cool. I think the young track star had quite a revelation about Jesse Owens athletic ability too. I’d love to see more athletes try this. Imagine today’s golf stars playing with clubs and balls that Arnold Palmer and Sam Snead used to play with. Imagine football players playing with the equipment from the 1960s. Imagine Roger Federer playing with a wooden racket.

When we see technological advancements in sports, we marvel. The technology helps athletes become better. When we see technology in the workplace, we get fearful. All of a sudden the tech that propels athletes to further heights should be stopped because it’s going to take our jobs.

Some people feel like they have attained a certain educational level that will keep them “safe”. Safe is the wrong way to look at it. The opposite of safe is danger, and danger means fear. The truth is, robots are going to enable people to do more things and be better, just like technology helps athletes.

Having a robot represent me in certain situations while I am doing something else seems like a good idea.

Sure, there is some cause for pause. The American public educational system sucks. It’s being choked by an entrenched bureaucracy. Bringing innovation to it will be painful, because we are going to have to be bold enough to tear a lot of the existing institution down. If you think tearing down institutions is easy or that we can just “fix” it, you are woefully incorrect. Just look at the assault on Uber. That’s only taxis, imagine education.

The other thing to remember is that a lot of the robotic technology is going to wind up in toys, or in pornography. Those two sectors always seem to lead.

  • Having a robot represent me in certain situations while I am doing something else seems like a good idea.

    What kind of situations? What do you mean by represent

    I’m actually wondering about representation during surgery. If you can get fake hands that are good enough, and then be able to shrink them down with cameras, could you have a surgeon across the world who provides specialized surgery be “there” enough? What if there is a complication, a very serious one? Ignoring the whole tort reform issue, is it the robot (the representation) or the surgeon that is at fault? Some percentage of each?

    What if the robot was instead a clone with a computer of sorts linking all of the versions of you together so you all thought as one

    FYI, a really interesting book that touches on how this representation issue and who is the “realest version” issue can get REALLY complicated (especially the clone version of the question) is the Ancillary Justice/Imperial Radch Trilogy. I just can’t really explain how without giving away the entire plot, which is incredibly good and addicting! 🙂 Ancillary Justice also won the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards (and deservedly so) for the way it explores this issues in this huge world with actually interesting characters.

    (I know this is the book that created the Sad Puppies/Hugo craziness. They 100% missed the point if they are all hung up by the gender wording issue in the book. Read it and let me know what you think, especially about representation…though the representation questions blossoms more fully after all 3 books)