Best Cell Service

Since I got a cell phone in the 1990s, I have always had ATT cell service.  I find that no one actually likes their cell provider.  I wonder what else everyone is using, and where they are using it.

ATT consistently sucks inside buildings in Chicago.  It’s impossible to use on the road when I am driving to northern Minnesota or down south.  It worked on my driving trip to New York, but doesn’t work in southwest Michigan.

My kids have Sprint.   It’s not much better.

I am intrigued by T-Mobile.  Lots of free streaming on sites I like. But what’s their real coverage?  I think the maps every cell company publishes are bullshit.   People at the lake I bought a place on use Verizon.  I drive I-90/94 through Wisconsin to US 53 up to Duluth quite a bit

What’s everyone use?

  • Happy with Verizon coverage… everywhere except my house.

    I live in Milwaukee, drive up to the twin cities occasionally and down to Chicago often. Inside buildings is as good as anyone’s carrier these days.

    • Thanks. I really want to do T-Mobile, but bet Verizon will be a better bet.

  • Dan Kunze

    US Cellular. Rural Wisconsin and Madison. Never a problem, dropped call or anything. I wouldn’t give it up for anyone.

    • I saw a sign in central Wisconsin for US Cellular and figured it was the thing there-and at 35th and Shields.

  • boxtor

    You could look at Project Fi from Google. It uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks as well as WiFi if nothing else is available. It’s best use case is when you’re connected to WiFi most of the time (home, work, free hot spots) since data is $10 GB. WiFi calling is useful when you’re in a building with poor reception such as a hospital.