Louisiana Flood


I have been out of touch with most of the news the past week or so.  I got some internet and saw there were huge rains that swept through Louisiana.  Louisiana has a special place in my heart.  If there is one thing the people know, it’s how to deal with water.  But sometimes, nature can overwhelm you.

Baton Rouge felt the brunt of the storm.  But, it went into central Mississippi as well.  I know the global warming folks will be shouting from the hilltops that this is global warming.  It seems every adverse weather event is the result of global warming.  Anyone familiar with basic statistics knows that simply isn’t true.  Ironically, since Katrina, the US hasn’t seen that many hurricanes.  There are wildfires in California this year.  But, when hasn’t there been a year without wildfires in California.  I remember seeing them on the news back in the 1970s.

I know people on both sides of the global warming issue.  One thing both sides agree is that we do need to take care of our environment.  The key is calculating the marginal cost, and the marginal utility from producing things.  Without oil, we don’t drive our cars, heat/cool our homes, or even use the internet. It seems to me that the things government policy has put in place over the last ten years hasn’t helped.  Ethanol is a huge boondoggle.  It would be nice to see a lot of nuclear power plants being built.

If you don’t believe in global warming or if you do, you can still have empathy for the people that were affected by the rain.  If you want to help, Public Good has a page where you can donate to the Baton Rouge Food Bank.