Really Poorly Designed UX

What’s really poorly designed UX?  There are plenty of examples.  UX stands for “user experience”.  Without good user experience, you can’t get customers.  Since we are up in the Northwoods and run into and out of Internet/cell having good quick UX becomes more important.  I wonder if anyone reading this has some experiences with either really great  or really bad UX that they would be willing to share.

I first ran into this with mobile apps when they began rolling out.  I remember a company someone encouraged me to look at.  I downloaded their app and started messing with it.  This is the best way for me to check things out.  It took me several clicks to do what the app needed to do.  Because the app was clunky, I passed.

It is legendary how terrible the UX inside platform companies like Epic and Microsoft are.  Try using some of the programming tools in Microsofts suite-or try to write software inside Epic.  It’s a painful experience.   They are walled gardens that want to control every keystroke.

Another reason there is bad UX on sites is lawyers, regulators and fear of lawsuits.  We see this a lot in the financial world.  It’s really difficult to set up a wire online at many financial services companies sites.  I am not sure if it’s bad programmers who don’t consult enough with real people to figure out how to create efficient workflows, or if it’s just poorly designed UX that has to navigate government regulations-and fend off potential lawsuits.

At early stages, it makes a difference to go out into the world and talk to your customers about the user experience. The more simple it is to use, the easier it is to attract customers.