Co-Working Hits Movement

We had to run into town.  Grand Marais  (pop 1341) according to CNN it’s the coolest small town in America.  They just changed the runway at the airport from dirt to paved-and lengthened it so a jet can land.  One NetJet flight in and out so far.  We needed some internet and cell service since we haven’t started modernizing our cabin yet.

An aside, we found some original documents on the cabin.  It was built by Weyerhauser in 1961!   It’s a kit cabin.

Co-working started out as a niche.   I am a big believer in the co-work movement.  I have invested in Deskpass and in Nextspace.  You might have seen the difficulties WeWork has encountered recently.  That doesn’t concern me so much.  WeWork will be fine as the co-work movement evolves.  So will Nextspace and Deskpass.  Today, it’s not a niche movement.  Here I am in Grand Marais at a new co-work space that opened up.  It’s called Office Outpost.  It’s a nice little spot located right by World’s Best Donuts.

When a teeny town in the middle of nowhere like Grand Marais gets co-working, it’s moved out of the niche mode.

What’s interesting about this space is that it is occupying a government building that was vacant.  How many government buildings in the US are vacant or under utilized?  It would be great if the government sold them to private developers.  But, if they can’t see there way clear to do that, it’s a good idea to turn them over to a private entrepreneur for free and let them try and build a business there.