Best Hot Dog

I was at the Cubs game last night.  My brain is a little foggy.  I almost “walked home” after the Cubs won it.  (See what I did there)  When I go to baseball games, I eat a hot dog.  Wrigley Field has horrible hot dogs, but that is going to change with the renovations.  The one thing I will say about that team on the south side of Chicago is their ballpark food is pretty good.

Over at Fred Wilson‘s blog this morning, he talked about his first seven jobs.  I put mine in the comments.  Two of Fred’s first seven jobs revolved around selling hot dogs.  I love hot dogs. I used to have them for lunch every day.  I never sold them but I have eaten a warehouse full of them over my lifetime.  My parents should have bought stock in Oscar Meyer.

In my travels, I have had some pretty good hot dogs.  But, for me the best hot dog in the world is Gene and Jude’s in River Grove, IL.  After I had dropped out of the US Air Force Academy, I went to Triton JC.  Triton is located not too far from Gene and Jude’s so I made several trips there.

Where is your favorite hot dog?


6 thoughts on “Best Hot Dog

  1. Most folks don’t know Triton has a planetarium where you can simultaneously explore space and early 1970’s grim architecture.

  2. Mine favorite hot dog is a beef and pork blend. The problem is that all the high quality hot dogs (stop laughing…) are kosher, which means all beef. I feel true flavor is in the blend. Sadly, once the cheap tube steaks get blended the manufacturers toss in a lot of chicken or turkey and then double up the flavorings to hide that fact.

    So my favorite hot dog is a British banger, but’s that’s cheating.

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