Bug Dope

I am still up in the Northwoods of Minnesota.  We drive back tomorrow.  I am probably coming up here again in August for a week depending.  When you are in the woods, you must have bug dope.  It keeps the mosquitoes off you.  The mosquito is the state bird of Minnesota.

Bug dope is a metaphor though.  What sort of bug dope do you apply to keep unwanted things from entering your life?

One way we did it at the venture capital firm Kenny Estes and I are starting is to really narrow our thesis.  Constraints drive creativity, as long as they aren’t too narrow.  It’s counterintuitive because as humans we like choice, and we like to control things.  We try to make order from the disorder.

There are problems with bug dope though.  It’s sticky.  It stinks.  When you put up a filter, you can miss things. You need to put the right amount on.

One of the first adages of strategy and marketing is “you cannot be all things to all people”.  Focus actually helps you build a blow out business that everyone eventually comes in contact with.