Learning From Winning

In startup circles, we talk a lot about failure.  Companies fail.  It’s a fact of life.  It sucks as both an investor, an employee, and as a founder.  When I was on the trading floor they used to say 90% of the people failed.  I have no idea if that was right but I certainly saw people come and go.  The rule of thumb is if you make 20 investments, 50% are a total fail.

Failure should never be a Scarlett letter.  Failure shouldn’t prohibit someone from being able to try again.  You get more than one shot.  In Startup Land, we talk about learning from failure and that is a healthy thing to do.  We talk about pivots, which are the right thing to do when you are trying to drill a dry hole.

But, you can learn from winning too.

Winning takes you down paths that make you more successful.  You learn to do the little things that are necessary to build momentum and create even more winning.  Winning builds an esprit de corps.  It makes you feel good about yourself, your team and your future.

Positivity attracts more positivity.