StreamLink Software Can Save Governments Big Money

A while ago I invested in Streamlink Software via Bill Campbell.  He is a member of Hyde Park Angels and was the deal lead.  HPVP also invested in the deal.  Streamlink is based out of Cleveland, OH.  I am sure the Streamlink people won’t get a lot of work done today or tomorrow.

Yesterday, they announced a $10M Series A with First Analysis leading the deal.  I was happy about that because my buddy Larry Berlin works for FA, and now we are co-invested in a company.

Why did I invest?

The team is great.   Adam Roth has built an organization that can execute.

There is a need and Streamlink is solving for a big pain point.  Governments spend billions of dollars.  Every politician says they want to save billions of dollars when they campaign, but it seems none of them ever cut budgets.  Software can help them automate tasks and help them cut budgets.  Streamlink works with government grant processes.  It costs the US Federal government $2B to manage $5B in grants!

We invested before passage of the National Data Act.  It was passed by a Republican lead Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  The idea is that government ought to be transparent with much of its data.  Streamlink’s software enables that.  Streamlink has built in some network effects into their software.  Once a government starts using it, much of their customer base starts using it.  It makes it better for everyone.

In a well managed state that runs a tighter budget like Nebraska, Streamlink could save the state around $120M a year.  Imagine what it could do in New York, California, or my home state of Illinois.

In Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner has been spending money on software to automate processes. He has tried to modernize the state-something his predecessors never did since they needed government job rolls for patronage.

Educational systems, like community colleges, are using Streamlink and saving millions.  It is software that pays for itself.

Streamlink also has a product called BoardMax.  It’s simply the best software for board members.  One dashboard, all your boards.  One place to view all the material you need to consume so you can be an effective board member.  If you sit on lots of boards, you might consider adopting it.  It will make your life a lot easier.

If you are a taxpayer, and want more efficient government, recommend Streamlink to your representatives.



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  1. Paging Illinois and city governments in Illinois…county governments in Illinois, all governments in Illinois (New Jersey, California and New York too)

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