It’s Not If, But When

The innovation we are seeing today is like few times in human history.  It’s truly amazing.  It’s trite to say innovation is disruptive, but innovation today is really rubbing and creating a lot of friction in traditional hierarchy.

I want to expose you to a few touchpoints that illustrate what I am taking about and thinking.

    1.  Andreesen-Horowitz podcast.  Innovation is inevitable.  Instead of fighting it, we must learn to utilize it and optimize it. (41 min)
    2. Brexit and Trump  Megan McArdle writes a good piece on how the internet is enabling classes and opinions the “elites” don’t care for.  It doesn’t fit their agenda, hierarchy, or power structure.
    3. Albert Wenger’s talk. I don’t agree with everything he says here, but his points are very provocative and well thought out.  The idea of zero marginal costs is interesting.  (22 min)
    4. Chicago grappling with Airbnb/Uber/Lyft
    5. An Army of Davids by Glenn Reynolds.
    6. if you want to oppose Senate Bill S6340A (aka the NYC Airbnb bill), you can do so on the NYS Senate website here

— Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) June 17, 2016

There is a common thread that runs through all of these disparate points.

Who is standing in the way of innovation or progress?  Vertical silos.  Government bureaucracy.  Entrenched power networks.

The internet army is a massive army.  Like army ants, it will overwhelm and crush any opponent given time.  The vertical silos and bureaucracies “like” innovation and progress when it helps them further entrench themselves.  But, they fight it to the death when it starts to erode their power.

It is the massive conundrum of our time because progress is so fast.  Elites have been so wrong about organizing and predicting things that they have lost credibility among the masses.  Elites have also turned into corrosive crony capitalists.  Instead of utilizing the levers of power for the masses, they use it to enrich themselves.  The internet and it’s relentless transparency expose them.

The “Champagne Socialists/Crony Capitalists” are starting to get their comeuppance.  They are fighting back with bureaucracy and regulation.  The middle class has been consistently picked apart.  They are now mad as hell and they aren’t taking it anymore.

In many cases, they are moving.  That’s exactly the trend in my home state of Illinois.  At a certain point, you run out of places to move.  That’s when the trouble starts for the entrenched power class and the resulting battle is never pretty.

In the US, we need to peacefully disrupt and dismantle”The Fifth Estate”, the government bureaucracy.  The Fourth Estate has totally let us down and has been corrupted by the Fifth Estate.  Fortunately with the internet, the 4th Estate is less important and has its own fight for life.    But, it looks like the Fifth Estate is not going to go peacefully.

thanks for the link Instapundit. Happy Father’s Day to everyone.

16 thoughts on “It’s Not If, But When

  1. No and yes.

    in the generation following a mythical freemark (ing) of everything that is supported by the government the people that benefit with be those with their own personal capital.

    That is reality.

  2. Until everyone (or nearly everyone) is ready to fight back against our horrible thug Government your only options are to obey or resist. Or ignore as it turns out. I ignore.It really pisses them off. In most situations, it occurs to me, the Imperial Federal Government is completely irrelevant or illegally involved.

    1. We need to disenfranchise the fifth estate (bureaucracy). Our fourth estate (mainstream media) isn’t being transparent about it. Our first, second and third estates are enabling it.

    2. Yes, choice #3 in your list is the “Irish democracy”: a sullen obedience that does the absolute minimum necessary to avoid the lash.

  3. Thanks for making me think about this – it’s an important topic.

    To break the established silos in the US, we need competitive alternate parties. Our choice is currently between a soon-to-be multi-billionaire, and Mr. Trump. One made billions from working the gov’t, and the other from Making America Corporatist Again (for her recent grandson).

    I see the problem less with those who filter at the top of the silo, and more with those who are the silo. I don’t want one silo to win, so I vote for the other, slightly less repulsive candidate. That’s my silo (and it’s filled with crap at the top.)

    So the #WayForward# must be through an informed populace, able to tear down existing silo toppers or build other competive silos. But we see that the new tech. masters (social dominates) want to push the authoritarian masses into silos of their choosing. Facebook news manipulation; Twitter bans; Bezos Post-ing; Yahoo anti-Trump; hottie Fox-es anti-Clinton.

    I fear that new media only pushes the narrative more quickly. Lies now travel 20 times around the world, before my alarm clock goes off. And you can many “sources” to validate the narrative – true or not – you can pick a silo of information of your choosing.

    Even if these alternatives exist, silo masters can pipe you to their narrative.

    Far from being dirsuptive, new media has had the effect of narrowing and heightening the silos.

    1. Yup. Today at yoga I heard someone talking about how California shouldn’t have so much farm land-and that there isn’t enough water. Blaming it on global warming. The fact is the environmental lobby in California has diverted water for farming to saving one endangered species-bringing artificial drought to the Central Valley. Victor Davis Hanson has been talking about it for years. Whether global warming is occurring or not has no effect. But, they’d rather believe the false narrative because it fits their confirmation bias.

  4. Socialism is the message, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal…

    Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

    When peaceful recourse is denied, violent redress becomes justified, it becomes manifold.

      1. But it was Lyndon Johnson who said “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

        1. As my friend Yra Harris says the first monetary law is “Money is fascist and always seeks the highest return in a hoped for stable regime.” If we look at history, FDRs New Deal policies were also about govt power. Instead of focusing on race, he focused on making farmers stable.

    1. Socialism is a form of Marxism, and Fascism is a form of Socialism which substitutes state control for state ownership .

  5. Nope, with Big Data and open borders repression can continue forever, authoritarian crony capitalism with a veneer of elections and antiracism. Don’t worry, no Islamists in your gated suburbs, billionaires. The rest of you should have had smarter parents.

    1. Nope Americas federal government is already spending far more than it can collect or borrow, and it cant stop. The fed buys hundreds of billions of federal debt each year which is outright currency debasement . It is only a matter of time until the dollar collapses and then … Venezuela north .

  6. With the FCC grab of the internet abetted by the packed Obama DC federal court the progressive liberal totalitarians strike back . A few car accidents, brutal muggings and serious illnesses would be welcome .

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