Laptop or Tablet?

My MacBook Air screen was behaving badly.  I had bought the computer in 2012, and it was working fine.  One day, the screen went haywire.   I took it to the Apple Genius Bar and they were extremely helpful.  They are going to be able to fix my computer, but I was going to be without it for three to five days.

I have a MacMini at home on a desk.  I have an iPhone.  I needed a computer that was mobile.

I asked some friends about tablets.  My wife had an iPad when they first came out.  It was nice but it was also trashed. I found the initial iPad experience to be just okay.  My friends asked what I was going to be doing on my tablet.  What you do on the computer is the big differentiator.

I mostly do communication on my device, and surf the web.  Sometimes I do spreadsheets, but I don’t do what I would call heavy duty design work or anything like that.

I bought an iPad Pro 12.2″ with a Retina Display and 256G of storage. It also has a cell connection but I haven’t hooked that up yet.  I also bought a Logitech companion keyboard.

So far, the experience has been pretty good.   Battery life is decent.  It’s light.

I had to download a lot of apps from the App Store and populate my screen.  Of course, when I did this it also populated the screen on my phone which would be cool except my phone is storage challenged.  I have an original iPhone 6+ and the battery is really starting to wear on it.

The web surfing experience is different on the laptop vs tablet.  I really miss a track pad to scroll.  I also like the larger keyboard and am afraid typing on this one will give me carpel tunnel.  There are things I like about it though.  It’s plenty fast. It detaches.  It’s better for presenting something in a small meeting.  It would be nice if there was a way to hook it up to a big display like you can a laptop.

In some ways, I like surfing off a website better than an in app experience.  Maybe that is just because I am used to it.

I haven’t tried to make a PowerPoint or do a spreadsheet yet.  All my activity in these kinds of things so far has been in Google Docs.

I wonder if anyone else has made the switch?  Computer sales are down, and the power of tablets is certainly why.  I would love to know your thoughts and experience.

3 thoughts on “Laptop or Tablet?

  1. You can hook to larger screen. You don’t have to add all those apps on your phone, there are settings for that. Using the keyboard only slows you down, get out of the laptop mindset and you will do more, faster.

  2. The other reason computer sales are down is … only games need the newest gear, and a few technical developers. My 6 person family now has … 6+2 computers, altho the 10-year old Windows XP desktop is not really used much, and I don’t usually use my 2 work computers at home.

    I’d guess even Laptops+Tablets+Desktops total is a bit down, and will be drifting down as more old but useable computers fill up. (I have 2 more old boxes that I really should get rid of and don’t even count in the 8).

    So some new Tablets to replace old Laptops, others to augment, but a smaller market of “no home computer” with enough income to afford one.

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