Ballparks, Culture and Hope

I am up in Detroit, MI.  It’s Detroit Startup Week.  Detroit is trying to build momentum around their startup community.  I am happy to support them.  What’s good for Detroit is good for every other Midwestern startup community.

Downtown Detroit is slowly being revitalized.  They have a long way to go.  Lots of neighborhoods were simply decimated.  I have seen photos of great old Detroit buildings that are in disrepair or totally destroyed.  It’s sad.  I am reminded of my friend Robert Edsel’s thoughts on “if you steal someone’s culture, you steal their reason for living”.  The destruction that happened to Detroit is similar to what radical Muslim terrorists have done in countries like Iraq, Iran, and Syria.  Detroit lost it’s cultural underpinnings.  But, now there is hope.

New ballparks are hopeful.  Detroit has two of them with a third going up.

There is something about going to a ballpark.  Hope for the home team is always in the air.  I like seeing ballparks and I am going to try to make my way around the Midwest to some games.  I don’t travel a lot, so my major league experience is pretty narrow.  There is a ballpark on the north side and a ballpark on the south side of Chicago.  I prefer the north side.  The south side one is okay, but it’s too bad they built it before Camden Yards.

US Cellular Field has very good food.  Wrigley does not.  Next year, Wrigley will have an on site kitchen, so the food should get a million times better.

I was at Comerica Park in Detroit yesterday.  It’s a pretty nice ballpark.  It fits with Detroit I think.  The food was okay.  Nothing I saw was crazy.  Pretty Midwestern standard ballpark fare but I wasn’t walking around a lot.  Perhaps natives can correct me.  Let’s put it this way, I didn’t see any sushi there.  Not a lot of flourishes like the facade on Yankee Stadium.  The facade on the outside of the park is pretty cool with all the Tigers though.  The place is HUGE.  I am not used to being in ballparks that big.  Tiger Stadium was a massive place as I recall.  It was easy in, easy out-although there was a lot of rush hour traffic.  Rush hour traffic is a good sign in a place like Detroit.

I was at old Yankee Stadium before they tore it down.  I was at the Metrodome-nice home field advantage for the Twins but a dump.

Where is your favorite ballpark and why?  How about your favorite food at the park?

Oh, and Go Cavs.   I am empathetic to the plight of Clevelanders, and want to see LeBron bring them a crown.

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