I love playing Cards Against Humanity.  My kids gave me a Cards Against Humanity gift this Christmas.  It was actually a Hanukkah gift!  Today, May 20 from 12:21 pm CDT to 12:24 pm CDT, I am KING.

To be king, I must rule.  I have come up with my decrees.

Here they are:  I am King Jeff the Chaotic Good

  1.  Bacon is Kosher
  2.  World’s Best Donuts in Grand Marais, MN indeed has the world’s best donut.
  3. America gets a do-over.  Our President cannot wear Maoist looking pantsuits or have shiny yellow combovers.

What would you do for your decrees?

  • Seph

    1. Implement Professor Reynolds’ revolving door tax.
    2. Outlaw skinny jeans.
    3. Everyone gets a sandwich.