Want To Get A Job In High Powered Finance? Here’s How to Be Brilliant

One of the things that younger people do is wonder what they are going to be when they grow up. I was cruising the Brilliant site and I saw they added some new features to help them figure that out.

Brilliant has always been about learning and sharing math problems.  Teachers around the world are using Brilliant in their classrooms to teach students how to do math.  Millions have used Brilliant and are on the platform. Previously, they had added an SAT Prep and JEE Math Prep section.  Brilliant has added focused segments on Finance, Computer Science, Electricity and Magnetism, Classical Mechanics, and Logic.  Yes, it’s brilliant.

I checked out the Finance section and it’s great.  Finance concepts can be hard to grapple with.  Everyone gets intimidated by them.  It’s not that the math is hard, it’s the lingo.  If you are interested in investment banking, this section is for you.   They have lessons on fixed income, options, futures and how to get a job in finance.

  • Tom Sullivan

    Will check it out. Thanks! Looks really cool