Chicago Teachers Union Day of Action Dabble Offers Alternative Activities to Help Kids

Dabble is going to try and actively help the people in the city of Chicago cope with the budget messes.  The budget crisis in Chicago, the county of Cook and state of Illinois are pretty messy.  The city of Chicago’s public school system is bankrupt, but won’t declare bankruptcy.  They auctioned off some bonds, which was moving the shells around one last time.  They are unable to access public markets right now to generate more money.

In a show of force, the Chicago Teacher’s Union is walking out of school on April 1.  They are doing a one day strike.  It seems no one cares about the 300,000 kids.  My friend Curt Conklin has kids at CPS and blogged about it here.

DabbleKids is responding.  They are setting up an entire program for children that are going to be out of school that day.  Some of the classes are free, and some cost money.  the classes range from from a literacy, art, and yoga class to an all-day maker camp at Bit Space Workshop. They will be all around the city.  Here’s a sample of some of the courses Dabble is offering (they have full listings here, make sure to register).

  • Open Books will host an afternoon of yoga, arts, crafts and leadership with State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and Mission Propelle ($35)  Thanks Representative Feigenholtz!
  • Bit Space will offer a day long camp that introduces students to projects and tools in their maker space ($100)
  • Chicago Architecture Foundation will open their LEGO supply and architecture resources for an afternoon session (free-and sounds like a blast)
  • The Chicago Children’s Museum is offering math games and activities (free with museum admission-besides it’s a great museum!)

“We want to empower our young people to see Chicago as both their playground and classroom,” said Dabble Kids director Jacqueline von Edelberg.   Dabble will be ready if the teachers decide to go into full on strike mode.

If you have a child in Chicago public schools. Don’t fret, Dabble.

  • Seph

    But don’t you know that CTU is “doing it for the kids”?
    Well done, Dabble. Well played.