Entrepreneurs Do Stuff

Yesterday I talked about how entrepreneurs are observant.  They go through life and look at it differently than most people.  They solve problems.

The other thing entrepreneurs do is “stuff”.  They don’t sit still.  Once they get their idea, they act upon it.  They share it with people to get feedback.  They figure out how to execute on their idea.

A lot of people look busy.  They even say, “I am busier than I have ever been.”  But most of the time they are rowing the boat against the current and not getting anywhere.

They’ll even spend time in the right places.  They will look the part.  But, they aren’t really playing the part.

Entrepreneurs also create a lot of experiences for themselves.  When they are active and present in those experiences, they learn about the exact thing that they are trying to build. A person building a SaaS startup might go learn how to blow glass and will take some tiny nugget from that experience and plow it back into their business.

Great entrepreneurs take the time to teach the craft to other people.  Inside their companies they mentor.  They create great teams of people.  They are secure enough in themselves to know that the better the people are around them, the better off everyone will be.

Being an entrepreneur is really hard.  There is nothing more challenging than coming up with an idea, putting the pieces together to launch it-actually launching it, and then growing it to exit.  But, it’s extremely rewarding.