Half the Battle is Simply Being Observant

One of the things I like doing is simply shooting the bull with entrepreneurs.  Why?  They are idea people.  They look at the world differently.  What can’t be can become what can be.

How and why are they like this?

They are observant.  Woody Allen said part of winning at life is just showing up.  If that’s true, the other part is simply stepping outside of yourself and observing.

Entrepreneurs suspend their confirmation bias, and just observe.  I remember learning this in middle school science classes.  My teacher Mrs. Kennedy told us the first thing scientists do is observe.  They do that before they make inferences and form a hypothesis.

I was reminded of that when I read this article about one of the endless political gabfests.  In this case, it had to do with women’s rights.  The people inside the left wing bubble don’t see this particular cause as beneficial to their argument, so they discard and ignore it.  Instead, they are missing an opportunity to connect with voters.

Being observant extends to a lot of things.

If it was easy to do, more people would do it.  But it’s very hard to take a step back and see through the fog.  I think that’s what makes successful people very successful.  They are able to take that step back, and then execute on what they see.


  • ZilWerks

    Observation is also one of the key factors in Luck, as detailed in the book “The Luck Factor”. A scientist spend years trying to quantify luck, and he found out lucky people were not lucky. Random events were random – flip the coin was the same for lucky and unlucky. What he found is that lucky people are observant, and go after what they observe. An interesting book that I recommend (in your copious [ha!] free time).