From Social to Personal

One of the things that you have to bear in mind when you think about social is that email was the original social media.  Of course, email has degraded over the years and now plenty of it is just SPAM.  Or, the same content is forwarded from person to person until it dies.

I know plenty of people that hate email.  Their inboxes overrunneth.  Another point is when you get to be one of the popular kids and your contact info is in the public domain, your email box gets so crowded you miss stuff-and sometimes that stuff can be important.  I am not one of those people but I know a few of them and it’s ugly.

In the evolution of social, we have gone from email to platforms like Facebook.  But, those mediums are getting crowded too.  They are also monetizing using advertising and it turns people off.  The platforms continually mess with their algorithms, so businesses can’t figure out how to game them and go around advertising paywalls.  Social is getting a bit tired when it comes to having an influence on people.

Bloggers still have influence, but the medium is far different.  I can blog about a subject and cause you to change or form an opinion.  I can blog and inform you about something you knew nothing about.  But, it’s hard to go from blog to action.

What’s next?

Personal messaging.  When I receive a personal text from you, or a personal message off a messaging platform I am a lot more likely to act on it than via email or a Facebook post, or Tweet, or LinkedIN post.  Using a platform like Facebook Messenger, a straight text to my phone number, or some other platform causes more action.

Texts and personal messages are hard to ignore.

For example, if I post on my Facebook wall that I really loved Simple Mills new gluten free crackers or that I took a Dabble class and loved it, or that I donated to a cause on Public Good, you might get a warm fuzzy but do you act?  But, what if I sent you a personal message inviting you to join me, or encouraging you to try/donate/go?  A lot more powerful.

Startups should look at messaging as a form of guerrilla marketing.  Getting people to share an action item via personal messaging is powerful.  It’s like an endorsement and it comes from personal acquaintance.

When it comes to marketing, most people think of consumer first.  But, I think there are plenty of ways to use messaging marketing in B2B platforms and SaaS plays.

How they do that is another story.  It can’t be spammy or fake.  It has to come from somewhere real.  The internet is the best truth detector in the world and authenticity matters.

5 thoughts on “From Social to Personal

      1. You are ignoring the fact that your concept of “influence” is likely others concept of spam. Making unsolicited advertising that “cant be spammy” is an oxymoron. Therefore, I hope your phone is spammed until you decide maybe opening up that channel to “influence” is a bad idea.

        Or maybe you were a fan of FB FarmVille invitations.

        You are just suggesting that rather than paying for ads on the channels being degraded by those ads or seeking free “social” advertising on those platforms, start ups should try to push advertising through a channel that haven’t been crapified yet.

        Until it is. I’d prefer if people don’t encourage it.

        1. Your comment creates an interesting idea. On a channel that you value, how much would you pay per year NOT to see any ads?

          Would you pay to not be able to be tracked?


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