Why Is Life Today Going to Be So Much Better Tomorrow?

When I speak at colleges, I often tell the students that I am jealous.  I am jealous that they are young.  It’s not because I miss dunking or because I miss other physical aspects of being young.  It’s because it’s been a long time in the course of human history that the future has been so bright because of the incredible innovations that are happening today.

Of course, disruptive innovation is fearful.

I think we are seeing a lot of that fearfulness in America’s political campaign.  When a socialist, a statist, and a demagogue lead the polls, it shows the undercurrent of fear sweeping through the electorate.

When disruptive innovation happens, the first thing it gets is non-believers.  “No way”.  Cynics abound.  Innovation is inherently risky and people generally shun risk.  Peter Thiel drew a Venn diagram of what makes a great innovative game changing idea.

Innovation gets tried out. It fails. Sometimes it makes it. It finds a niche. It gets momentum and then explodes. Henry Ford didn’t build the auto and suddenly transform the world. It happened gradually.

When innovation fails, the naysayers squeal with delight.  “Ha, I told you so.  It’ll never work.”

When it takes off, it improves human lives.  It makes society better.  We have lots of innovations happening today in every business sector that are rapidly changing the way we live our lives.  It’s truly amazing.

I saw this article on 10 totally disruptive things that are changing our lives.  What do you think?  I am invested in one of them.  The 10 are:

  1. Immune Engineering
  2. Precise Gene Editing in Plants
  3. Conversational Interfaces
  4. Reusable Rockets
  5. Robots That Teach Each Other
  6. DNA App Store
  7. Solar City Gigafactory
  8. Slack
  9. Tesla Autopilot
  10. Power From The Air (NuCurrent.com)

Pretty amazing time we live in isn’t it?

One thought on “Why Is Life Today Going to Be So Much Better Tomorrow?

  1. 11. 3D printing
    12. Driverless vehicles
    13. Hypersonic air travel
    14. …
    Not only are you 100% correct in this post, you are more than 100% correct!
    The legal and political framework always lags behind the technological change.
    The current election, with two strong candidates, Senator Sanders and Mr. Trump, who are each, very different ways, radicals and outsiders, shows that the public is grasping toward major reform in major change to the way we govern ourselves.
    But just as numerous start ups come and go before a new technology can reach commercial viability, we will see many efforts at political reform before we get the formula right. Right now, the main thing we see is simply dissatisfaction with the ineffectiveness of the current framework. That is a necessary first step.

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