Best Kind of BBQ

Curious,  What is your favorite kind of BBQ?  My favorite place in the US is the Germantown Commissary in Memphis, TN.  But, I can be cajoled into trying others to see if they match up.

In Kansas City I have not been to Arthur Bryant’s yet.  But, I have been to Jack’s Stacks, and to Gates.  Both were excellent. Just a little different than the Memphis style.

In Austin, I suspect we will try various places.

One of my daughters went to school in North Carolina (Davidson).  One of the fun things to do there was sample some Lexington BBQ.  It’s different.  We also had some South Carolina style when we were in Greenville, SC.

Since they are voting today in South Carolina and Nevada I thought we could vote too. I don’t know which is more important to Americans; BBQ or Presidents.

What Style of BBQ is Your Favorite? Leave your Fav spot in the comments

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3 thoughts on “Best Kind of BBQ

  1. Been to Memphis n May twice and my favorite joint is Southern Soul BBQ in St. Simon Island in Southeast coastal Georgia. I bought my Lang 84 mobile cooker not too far from there!

  2. South Carolina is the home of mustard based sauce. The flagship is Maurices. Give it a shot and you may become addicted as I did.

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