8 thoughts on “Beautiful By Carole King

  1. I can’t address the music industry but i can’t internalize that the future of any industry is for a freemium model supported by advertising.

    And if you believe that–which it appears that you do–then the focus needs to be on advertising itself, why it sucks, why nobody likes it and shudders with every YouTube playing yet it is core to the economics of the internet and life itself.

    I don’t think this is about pain points honestly but about a massive bandaid that will sometime simply fall off.

    1. I haven’t thought a lot about the moving parts until now. Spotify losing 2/3rds of it’s value since October is interesting. The market really is punishing these days with no buffers. Advertising has been a part of free music forever. Spotify is Radio is Spotify.

      Freemium attracts one side of the market, but it’s no good for the content producers unless they can figure out a way to go direct. They have to give up too much juice.

      @msuster correctly says you have to be on a platform like YouTube because it has become the WalMart of media.

      There are segments of the industry that are going to be more difficult to change because of infrastructure. Impossible to disrupt the theater industry because of all the fixed costs etc; but if you have a hit song inside a theater production it can be a closed platform that can help the song go viral on decentralized platforms which can align economic incentives.

      For sure today it’s easier for true talent like Carole King to rise to the top. But, at the outset, the challenge is really daunting.

      1. Great topic.

        I believe it is easier for existent brands–personal or corporate to rise or stay at the top.

        I think its possible for anyone in a garage to change the world. I think its simply harder today than it has been for a decade.

        1. We agree. There are ways to break through, but so much noise. How to fight through the noise? For example, Lulitonix is a new brand/community. Maybe it uses Uber Eats to break through? Gives exposure, but does it bring loyalty.

          Another thing that is on my mind is how does a brand create a cult?

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