37 Seconds

If you are looking for a good book to read, 37 Seconds is a page turner.  My friend Stephanie Arnold wrote it.  It’s her real life experience.

She’s on Twitter @stepharnold37 and her website is here. Before becoming a Mom, Stephanie was an spent 27 years in the television industry, working in local news, directing and producing music videos, infomercials, educational documentaries, syndicated and network shows. She is an Emmy nominated, Telly award winner and Premio lo Nuestro nominated producer.

She met her husband and they had a baby right away. In 2013, during her second pregnancy she had a premonition that she would die during delivery.  No one believed her.  One medical person ordered extra units of blood, “just in case”.

During delivery, she had a rare Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE).  She went into cardiac arrest and flat lined for 37 seconds.  She was gone. She died.  The docs infused the extra blood and she came back-but she was unconscious for more than 6 days.

After months of recovery, Stephanie began to remember details of her experience. She knew the details because she had witnessed everything, including her death, from outside her body—beside other spirits that were with her. In the book, she talks about her story.  We are not alone and have more loving help than we can imagine surrounding us.

We all go through tough times and it’s important to remember there are people around us, even when we feel alone.

4 thoughts on “37 Seconds

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  2. I was out running and was hit by a drunk-driver and flung into a snowbank. When the paramedics arrived ~1 hour later, I was in hypothermic shock in addition to some traumatic injuries. This happened almost 40 years ago. I have no recollection of the event, but I have this vivid memory of seeing headlights coming up behind me and then vaulting onto a field of corn stubble and being able to run so incredibly fast and easily. It was like being released from gravity. I ran across this field to a farmhouse and looked inside the window at the family watching television. Then I kept running, but as a I ran, I started rising higher and higher above the ground. Then I tripped, rushed back to the ground, and landed on my face. I physically woke up with my first waking memory being spitting bits of my teeth out before opening my eyes and being thoroughly confused, lying in a hospital bed with no idea what was going on.

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