City mayors bet against each other all the time.  Fred Wilson and I have made an “Etsy” bet.  In the comments on Fred’s blog Al Warms suggested we go bigger.  We agree.  Here is Al’s comment.  Thanks Al for the suggestion.

“I think we should raise money for high school computer science and the winning team gets the dollars…” — Alan Warms http://disq.us/8p8zsy

This will be fun.  Hope that everyone will share this on social media and participate.  I have created a Facebook page where everyone can mingle.  It doesn’t matter when you tweet.  You can tweet even after the series has started.  All you have to do is honor your tweet.  Let’s make this big!

Here’s how to play:

  1.  Use the Twitter hashtag #TechBetNLCS  

If you are pulling for the Cubs, tweet “Cubs $xxx #TechBetNLCS” https://www.crowdrise.com/supportCSNYC/fundraiser/CSNYC  You are on your honor to pay the bet if the Mets win.

If you are pulling for the Mets, tweet “Mets $xxx #TechBetNLCS” https://www.publicgood.com/org/makergirl/donate.  You are on your honor to pay the bet if the Cubs win.

2.  The bet

If the Cubs win, anyone who bets on the New York Mets has to donate their tweeted amount to Maker Girl.  It’s a Maker Lab out of the University of Illinois that teaches K-12 girls to code and do things with 3D printing.  It is a 501-c-3.  Donate through the Public Good site at this link:  https://www.publicgood.com/org/makergirl/donate

If the Mets win, anyone who bets on the Chicago Cubs has to donate their tweeted amount to CSNYC.  It’s an organization that teaches K-12 kids in New York to code.  It is a 501-c-3.  Donate through this CrowdRise link:  https://www.crowdrise.com/supportCSNYC/fundraiser/CSNYC


I hope that even if you aren’t a fan of the Cubs, or the Mets you can have some fun with this and support either organization.  They are making a difference in people’s lives.  GO CUBS!!

  • Noah Isserman

    Jeff, love your support of UIUC and our student entrepreneurs. Hope others follow the Carter path: speaker–>startup mentor–>public wagerer.

  • vishalsachdev

    Great to see this campaign. GoCubs! Help support the Makergirls at @uiMakerLab

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