7 Ways Dabble.Co Makes You Interesting

“What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years”-@cdixon Chris Dixon, VC at A16Z

Chris Dixon also says, “Hobbies are what the smartest people spend their time on when they aren’t constrained by near-term financial goals.”  Everyone can be a teacher, everyone can be a student.  Teaching, meeting people in the flesh and experiencing is Dabble.  It’s a no risk way to try out hobbies.  It’s personally rewarding to share your hobby with others, and can be financially rewarding as well.  Dabble was on Windy City Live yesterday. I think Dabble is pretty cool.

Why do I think it’s cool? It’s a question worth asking. Here are some reasons.

  1. You can’t be interesting without having an interest. I think the internet should bring people together. Dabble creates community and allows you to have fun trying new things, and meeting new people.
  2. Dabble allows people to share their passion with anyone, anywhere, anytime-no barriers.  No bureaucracy.  No restrictions.  If you wanted to teach at a school, how many hoops would you have to jump through?
  3. Dabble enables people to make money on their terms.  Teachers are in total control.  Set your price, set your class, set the place, set the time.  This is awesome for seniors, students, and single moms.  Dabble brings you people.
  4. Teachers are rated by students, just like Uber customers rate Uber drivers.  There are some awesome teachers on Dabble.  I took a bourbon tasting class and learned A LOT.
  5. For small businesspeople, Dabble is “Tom Sawyer” marketing.  List a class and engaged users pay to walk through your door and learn about whatever you want to teach them. They are your customers.  It’s different than loyalty services, or coupons.  They will pay you to paint your fence.  You can build community around your business with Dabble.
  6. Dabble is human interaction.  Even though we connect virtually on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter-it’s really meaningful being “present” with other people.  I think that is why food is so huge on Instagram-everyone eats and understands food.  Everyone can Dabble.
  7. Swipe left on Tinder?  Instead of meeting at a boring coffee shop or bar, take a Dabble class and find out more about that person on a first date by doing something together with them.  There are plenty of classes under $30.

As CEO Jay Swoboda said in the video, Dabble will be nationwide soon.  You can live anywhere and share your passion, your skill or something else with the world. List a class on Dabble and let them do the rest.  I hope you can participate with me and everyone else that is on Dabble.  It’s going to be a fun ride.