Gran Hundo Fundo

I am riding a 62.5 mile bike ride today.  Taking off from Wilmette, IL and headed up to Kenosha, WI.  The weather has been a little rough in Chicago this spring and summer-and I haven’t been on my bike yet.  Just to and from the grocery store on my regular bike.

I am a little worried, but I am in decent shape so I think I can make it.  I did a Restorative Yoga class today, so we will see what happens.  I have been riding the same road bike (Trek 5500) since I started back in around 2000.  I used to run a little bit, but it was pretty tough on my body and riding a bike was better.

I lift weights religiously, and do a lot of yoga now.  I walk and mostly eat right.  But, at my age it’s not like your body always feels great when you get out of bed in the morning!  Hopefully the weather will hold up for us.  Two summers ago, I rode a century in 90+ heat and my legs seized up.  I actually couldn’t move them and could barely get them out of my clips.  It was impossible to drink enough Gatorade!

Two of my friends bought a bike shop and now I ride out of there.  Each summer, they do a ride for World Bike Relief.  The money raised goes to buy bikes for people that can improve their lives by having them.  You can sponsor me here.   Or, don’t sponsor me and just donate to them directly.

If you live between Wilmette and Kenosha and you see a bunch of people come by in lycra at speeds far lower than the Tour de France, say hi.