The Meat of The Matter

This morning, I was reading a blog post about the travails of a person to find the source of the meat they were consuming at restaurants in the Mission District of San Francisco.

I was empathetic to that person’s plight.  Years ago, a Chicago friend of mine Rob Levitt saw the same phenomena and took actions into his own hands.  He closed his restaurant and started The Butcher and Larder.   My first angel investment was into a company engaged in the natural food movement, TallGrassBeef.  They deliver awesome beef right to your door.   It’s healthier for you than farm raised salmon and it tastes great.

I am no stranger to the meat business and an amateur foodie.  I decided to write a response to the blog post that wasn’t critical, but hopefully will change the way the natural organic non-GMO anti factory farmed granola crunchy food movement thinks about how to change the way our food supply chain operates to get food from farm to table.

Hope you click over and read it here.

We won’t see wholesale change the US food industry by putting pressure on restaurants.  We will if we put pressure on legislators to change the federal and state subsidies, regulations and rules which will change the economic incentives of farming.  Changing macro economic incentives is the only way to create changes in farming, and human behavior.