Do You Sous Vide?

Last Christmas, my family got me a Sous Vide device.  We have been messing around with it.  I am learning how to use it better.  Since getting the device, I went out and got a vacuum sealer.  If you don’t know what Sous Vide cooking is don’t be alarmed.  It’s cooking food in water over a period of time at a constant temp.  It’s what pro chefs have been doing for awhile-and now new devices for home cooks are enabling you to do it at home.

Tonight we enter the world of home sous vide ....
Tonight we enter the world of home sous vide …! #anova #sous_vide (Photo credit: rheo3000)

My Sous Vide device is made by Anova.    It’s cool because they got started on Kickstarter.  I got a food grade plastic bin at a local restaurant supply store.  You can get them on Amazon too.   We cut a hole in the top to fit the sous vide device through it.  Water can evaporate, so you need a top.

We have cooked steak, pork chops, chicken breasts and eggs in it.  We are still learning how to use it.  The steak is amazing.  I went to Butcher and Larder and got a 2.5 inch porterhouse.  That’s really thick.  I used Tony Mantuano’s recipe.  I seasoned it with salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic. I vacuum packed it.   Around four hours before dinner, I put the vacuum packed steak in the sous vide, hit 130 on the device and let it go.

When it was time for dinner, we started the grill and got it really hot.  But, if you don’t have a grill, you can use a broiler or a cast iron pan and some butter. I pulled the steak out, cut the bag off, patted it dry and seared it on the grill for 2-3 min per side.

We let it rest and served it with arugula and shaved parmesan on top.  It was amazing.  Maybe the best steak I have ever had.

A large percentage of restaurants use sous vide.  If you order a chicken breast it’s likely that they pull it out, sear it and send it to you.  I am sure steak houses have different water bins with rare, med rare, and medium steaks.  It’s impossible to screw up and the food looks a lot better.  I think it’s juicier too.

If you have done sous vide, what is your favorite?  Would love to see some recipes in the comments.




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