How To Harvest Your Own Food In Your Own Backyard

One of the things I miss about living in the suburbs was having a garden.  When we lived there, we had more garden than grass.  Beautiful flowers of course.  But we had a great herb garden and always had a bunch of vegetables planted throughout the yard.  If we would have stayed there I am sure we would have planted some fruit trees and grapes.

This morning I awoke to a snowstorm in Chicago.  Hard to think about gardening now.  But, if you are a gardener, now is the time to start planning.  Gardening meets entrepreneurship in Smart Gardener.  They collect, calculate and create a smart personal profile of your garden just for you.  I wish we would have had this tool when we were doing a garden.

Gardening is a great activity for a number of reasons. It can teach your children about the value of work, self reliance and science. Digging in the dirt is relaxing.  It can ease stress, and the food you grow is good for you.  It’s economical, and can decrease the amount of money you spend on food.  It becomes really economical if you can the food you grow.

Here is a video on how it works

If you are a gardener or thinking about trying, give this a try.

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