12 Days of Christmas in Chicago

Everyone knows the song The 12 Days of Christmas.  My wife and I have family but it’s scattered all over the United States.  We are renting an apartment that we really don’t like so we need to get out.  However, flights and people schedules are weird, so we are staying in Chicago. One of my daughtersMy wife had the idea of doing a local 12 Days of Christmas.

Since we moved to the city in 2003, there have been things that we thought we would do but haven’t.  Each of us put three of those things to do in a jar.  Each day from now until January 1, we are going to do the random thing that is pulled out of the jar.  I am going to post what we are doing each day on my Tumblr blog.

This should be fun.  Today, we are going to the Garfield Park Conservatory, and then in the evening to a Kareoke bar.  I like listening to music, but my voice isn’t very good.  Stay very far away from the bar we choose!

What are things that you always thought you would do in your city but never have done?

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