A Hand Up? No, They’d Rather Play Hunger Games In Chicago

Was reading a little on the Mitch Daniels controversy.  He performed admirably as governor of Indiana, but is now President of Purdue University.  He is being unfairly tarred.  Communists are upset because he doesn’t think Purdue should be teaching from a book that’s full of falsehoods.

Maybe we should also be using Mein Kampf as a mandatory literary text in academia?

Daniels was questioning whether students taking a class based on a book by Robert Howard Zinn should receive any sort of credit.  Zinn was a communist, and the book he wrote is full of deceit and made up facts.  Even scholars on the left wing discredit the book.

There is a big difference between being exposed to ideas, and being taught false “facts”.

Digging a little deeper I found that on Chicago’s southwest side they are embracing the philosophy of Robert Howard Zinn and teaching it to the community youth.

Not that it really surprises me.  There are many true believers in communism in Chicago.  So many, that terrorist Bill Ayers is considered a serious academic.

This is the way the communists and hard left wing operate.  Facts be damned.  The world has an entire dataset on the difference between how communism works, and how capitalism works.  We can readily compare societal outcomes between the two.

I also love how commies turn their phrases.  The institution that is administering all this hooey is a “non-profit”. Non-profit’s must be “good” right?  Since they don’t meddle with making money…..making money is evil.   Communism always hides behind democratic terms like “for the people”, “for the community”,

Communist Matt Damon is leading the effort.

“If [students] can connect to these historical figures, hopefully they will see themselves as part” of history, Damon said, touching on one of the central goals of Zinn’s work—and of the nonprofit Voices of a People’s History of the United States, which has created a curriculum based on Zinn’s book. The group’s mission is to “bring to light little known voices from U.S. history,” including those of inner-city students of color. As part of this goal, they are rolling out an educator’s toolkit for 1,000 teachers in Chicago, complete with videos, lesson plans, and locally relevant readings.

So glad 1000 Chicago teachers will be armed with disinformation to indoctrinate the next generation of Stalin, Castro and Mao.

Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other societal structure ever developed in the history of mankind.

Capitalism is the ultimate human behavior jujitsu.  It harnesses basic human strengths, endemic to our core being, and puts them to use for the betterment of everyone.

No doubt, free markets are messy.  It’s easy to point fingers and find fault with capitalistic ideas and outcomes.  But, it’s the only way to propel society forward.

It doesn’t surprise me that Englewood can’t get ahead.  Community leaders embracing the teachings of communism will keep them behind. Collectivism doesn’t ever work.  Ever.  Collective societies always become police states.  Then, the fight for survival by the people (peasants) becomes a real life Hunger Games.

Of course, Hunger Games could never happen in Englewood since it’s a part of America right?   Englewood has the most shootings and violent crime out of any neighborhood in Chicago.  Maybe the nation.  Certainly, it makes total sense to the leaders of the community, and to the Chicago Public School system to ingrain harebrained, disproven ideas to a bunch of youths in the community.

That way, they can keep them prisoners in their own neighborhood.  Better for the bureaucrats that earn a check by keeping all of them in line.

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