Immigration Reform Hits The House of Representatives

Let’s hope the House acts on Immigration.  There are a lot of things wrong with the Senate bill. The House has a chance to do something.

First step-get rid of all the pork.  Don’t add to it like they normally do.

Second step-create a way to have a guest worker program with NO path to citizenship.  This is for people that take jobs most Americans don’t take.  Ask a fruit grower in California about recruiting employees (or a restaurant owner in any major city).

Third step-massively expand the HB1 Visa program.  We need to get highly skilled immigrants into the US.

If they did those three simple things, people in the middle would be pretty happy.  All the other stuff, fixing the border, paths to citizenship for immigrants with a higher probability of going on government programs are political.

America is still the greatest country on earth. We need to let people experience it.

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