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William Mougayar has done a lot of things in his career.  He has started 3 companies, pivoted 1 (Eqentia), sold 2 (CYBERManagement to Aberdeen Group, and Engagio to Influitive). Worked for 3 sizes of companies: 2 large (Hewlett-Packard ($HP), Cognizant), 1 medium (Aberdeen), and 4 small (startups). In every case, each company was experiencing a high velocity of growth.

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Now he has started a blog for startup management.  Appropriately named, Startup Management, it’s goal is to help the startup employee or CEO navigate the waters.

Startup Management will aspire to be a daily destination where entrepreneurs learn about managing, growing and scaling startups, almost like an virtual open university. It’s where startups become grownups.

Our content will focus on management, strategy, organizational and marketing topics, including business models, revenue models and go-to-market approaches. We will extract best practices, case studies and lessons that are practical and usable.

We will curate the Best, AND

Write the Rest, THEN

We might give you a Test

Our goal is to save you time, helping to reduce your risks of failures, and increase your chances of success.

Check him out daily.  Knowing him, he will have a lot of good content on this site.  If you are able, contribute something to his site.  I have added his site to my blogroll.


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