American Air, NOT Customer Friendly

Just a short personal bitch.  I have to fly to a meeting.  I hate to fly.  Seats are always cramped.  Thank goodness for my entire career I haven’t had to fly very much.  While driving takes more time-I tend to drive a lot.  Bought a car on Jan 3, 2009, and I have over 83K miles on it already.

Made a reservation a while ago-and mistakenly read the time.  Confused AM vs PM.  Called American $AAR today to try and switch the flight.  They wanted to charge me an arm and a leg.  But, they said, if I would have called a day after making the reservation, they would have done it for free.

I don’t understand if there is space on the flight why they couldn’t do it now.  I asked the supervisor nicely if they could switch the flight.  They said I could call a day ahead, and pay $70 if there was space.  Of course, that day I am in meetings from 8am to 5pm.

So, I told them-I will put it on Twitter, and Facebook and Linked In, rate them on Yelp, rate them on TripAdvisor, and blog about it.  They told me they didn’t care.

I am a committed Southwest Air ($LUV) customer now. When I go international, I will fly an international airline.  I hope you do the same.  As consumers, we have a choice.  Avoid the bad companies, use the ones that provide good customer service.

Hey American ($AAR), hope you go bankrupt.  Again.


American told me to call the day before to switch.  It would cost me $75.  (Southwest switches flights for free).  I called at 6:10am CT.  They said I couldn’t do anything until 8:45am Chicago time……..that’s a company totally out of touch with their customers.

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