Join Bruce

Bruce Rauner announced his candidacy for governor.  Why anyone would want to be governor of Illinois is beyond the imagination of a lot of folks.  The state has a massive budget crisis that the party with a super majority in Springfield refuses to confront.  My friend at WirePoints has chronicled the whole mess for awhile.  Illinois is broke.  The Illinois Policy Institute has put out bracingly honest position papers that criticize both parties.

Doing things the same won’t work.  Traditional politicians on both sides of the aisle have failed the entire state.

If you truly love the city of Chicago and the state like I do, you need to give Bruce Rauner a hard listen.  He isn’t a half cocked person out to grab power and line the pockets of his cronies.  He loves the city and state and doesn’t want it to die.  The time for action and change is now.

Rauner is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist.  He understands how to go through the fire, build something great, and exit on the other side intact.  That’s what it will take to save Illinois.  Not more of the same.  Otherwise, the state will stagnate and die a slow death.  As son of Illinois Ernest Hemingway wrote, “”How did you go bankrupt? Slowly at first, and then all at once.”.  Illinois is inching toward all at once.