America’s Best Days Are In Front of Her

There is a new book out I would encourage everyone that’s an American citizen to read.  It’s called

America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century-Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come

The authors blog at ChicagoBoyz.  They look at how America has changed from a 1.o agrarian-shop keeper society to America 2.0-big institutions, both corporate and government and how the new America is being born right before our eyes.

They have started a companion blog, Americathreepointzero, that goes with the book. I encourage you to sign up for it.

I have often thought about how the internet is changing things.  The development of it is changing things in ways that you might not have thought about.  The nature of the internet allows the little guy to take on the big guy and win.  It allows the little guy to find and access niches previously unattainable so they can make a living.

The changes in the internet are being embraced by big corporate institutions today.  They are changing their internal business models ever so slowly.  But Big government hasn’t embraced the change.  Those institutions ignore it at their peril.  The internet will make government that doesn’t heed it’s macro trends irrelevant.

Tennessee Law Professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds said,

To me, the leitmotif for the current decade is supplied by Stein’s Law, coined by economist Herb Stein: “Something that can’t go on forever, won’t.” There are a lot of things that can’t go on forever, and, soon enough, they won’t. Chief among them are too-big-to-fail businesses and too-big-to-succeed government.

But as Bennett and Lotus note, the problems of America 2.0 are all soluble, and, in what they call America 3.0, they will be solved. The solutions will be as different from America 2.0 as America 2.0 was from America 1.0. We’ll see a focus on smaller government, nimbler organization, and living within our means — because, frankly, we’ll have no choice. Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. If America 2.0 was a fit for the world of giant steel mills and monolithic corporations, America 3.0 will be fit for the world of consumer choice and Internet speed.

Ironically, in places like Spain and Greece where government has become irrelevant to the common man, the internet is finding a voice. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article on that phenomena.

Venture capitalists like those at Union Square Ventures have taken this trend and turned it into an investing thesis.  They have made a lot of money through their insight.   Two days ago, one of their companies, was purchased by Yahoo ($YHOO) for $1.2 Billion.

Back when I was graduating from college, all I heard was how it was time for America to step aside from world leadership.  The Japanese would run the show.  Today’s college students hear how the American experiment has failed, and the Chinese will step in to fill the void.  No doubt, China will be a force in the 21st Century, but America will be too.  There is something in our DNA as a country.  America 3.0 defines that core competency America has.

America 3.0 will give you great insight as to how America can change, should change, and how to be an active participant in it. Pick it up and read it today.

thanks for the link ChicagoBoyz

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