It’s A Continuous Game: Individual Rights and Freedom Will Win

If you haven’t read Ben Domentech’s article, you should.  He makes a lot of sense if you are a small government conservative.  This IRS scandal that shows how politicized the agency has become is getting broader and deeper.  Republicans need to avoid trying to score political points.  This scandal goes the crux of who we are as a people.   Ben says,

The scandals we are talking about in Washington today are not tied to the individual of Barack Obama. While there’s still more information to be gathered and more investigations to be done, all indications are that these decisions – on the AP, on the IRS, on Benghazi – don’t proceed from him. The talk of impeachment is absurd. The queries of “what did the president know and when did he know it” will probably end up finding out “just about nothing, and right around the time everyone else found out.”

The IRS was deliberately trying to derail the First Amendment; freedom of speech.

Peggy Noonan says to stay shocked.  I agree, but would go further.  Stay or get engaged on this issue.  Just because you are a liberal and the IRS was on “your team” doesn’t make it better.  Reverse the roles and imagine what you would think if George Bush used the IRS to target unions, liberal organizations and liberal think tanks.  If this precedent by the Obama administration is okay, and stands, then when the other side gets power the first salvo will be to use the IRS to attack.

Going after someone’s money when they are in power steps over every line.  That government tyranny should be reserved for socialist, communist, and monarchy states.  Not a republic.

Upon ending deliberations over the founding documents of the country, Ben Franklin was asked outside Independence Hall what we had, a monarchy or republic.  He said, “we have given you a republic if you can keep it.”

It doesn’t make sense to point fingers at what has gone on before.  Other Presidential administrations may have used agencies to trample the opposition to their political policies.  It needs to end now and for all time so other Presidents don’t utilize the same machinery.

With the gerrymandering that has gone on(by both parties), the vote fraud, the expansion of big government(by both parties), and now, the government of the United States tramping on the individual rights of it’s people, we’re in danger of losing that republic.

That’s why we need to focus on the long game.